Natural ingredients consisting of pure medicinal activated charcoal for the relief of diarrhea, flatulence and oral intoxication.

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"For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect."

-Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer-

Vegetable carbon is an anciently known substance that has been widely used for thousands of years as a healing remedy. It is especially well-known for its binding and cleansing properties and is commonly used to both treat and improve digestive distress.

Due to its special surface structure, activated vegetable carbon can adsorb unwanted substances that can harm or irritate the digestive system, promoting their rapid elimination before they can be reabsorbed into the body. Activated vegetable carbon is made from 100% plant-based sources.

The right amount of vegetable charcoal can help alleviate intestinal complaints in a sustainable, natural and safe way.

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Make healthy lifestyle choices to improve
your digestive system

Bowel health is often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Treat your gut well by making the right decisions every day.

Eat a healthy nutritious diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber

Avoid heavily processed meals that contain high levels of sodium, refined sugar and fat

Make sure
to drink 2 liters (6–8 glasses) of water every day

whole-body exercises in your daily routine

Destress and
pursue a balanced mental state

More about bowel health

Natural bowel health since 1915

It all started over 100 years ago as pharmacists and chemists came together to work on a herbal formula that would alleviate the population from intestinal complaints. 

In 1915, the basis for today's Ultracarbon® was created, a herbal medicine made from vegetable activated charcoal, that stops digestive complaints, including diarrhea.

None 18th century

Pharmacists and chemists were already experimenting with the medicinal effects of charcoal.

None 1915

Ultracarbon® was launched under the name "Carbo medicinalis Merck (animalis)" and used for the first time for medicinal purposes.

None 1916

Medicinal charcoal tablets were produced. Even a silver-plated form was offered for "more sensitive patients".

None 1924

"Kohle-Compretten" by Merck KGaA are marketed under this name for the first time.

None 1915-2007

Various forms of the charcoal remedy were on the market in the form of powder, granules and as tablets.

None 1970s

“Kohle-Compretten” are now available under the name "Ultracarbon®" in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

None 2022

Ultracarbon® is taken over by F.Trenka chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH from the Procter & Gamble Company (PG).